Joie de Vivre: Photos celebrating life in Chicago

A month or two ago I realized that if I wanted to work on my photography skills, waiting for people to ask me to take their photos just wouldn't work. I had hoped opportunities would just come about organically. 

They didn't. 

So I decided that if I wanted to practice, I needed to put myself out there, regardless of how uncomfortable that may be. 

I talked to my bravest friend, Meredith and asked if she might be willing to push through some potentially awkward moments in hopes of creating some beautiful photos. Luckily for me, she agreed. 

We set a time and I started scouring the internet for the best photo locations in Chicago. And I'm fairly certain I found it. Absolutely astounding location? Montrose Harbor. City skyline. Sail boats. And free parking to boot!

I am in love with how these photos turned out. Meredith has such a bright personality. She's quick with a joke and a smile. We thought a bouquet of balloons would suit her perfectly. And her hair? Amazing, no? 

I'm so glad to have put myself out there. It has given me the confidence to go out there and chase down other opportunities. So be on the lookout for more photos here on Oh Hello, Love!


  1. I love these! So pretty and happy. :)

  2. Add this to the list of your talents, lady! These are AMAZING!!! Love, love, love!! xoxo ( and congrats on becoming an Auntie!!!)

  3. These are lovely! so vibrant and bright. Your friend is a stunner :) haha.


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