Introducing Alexia.

Friends, friends, friends. I have so much to tell you. I know I say this all the time, but I am in love. Beyond in love. 

I am so, so thankful. My heart is bursting. My sister went into labor a few Fridays ago. And Saturday afternoon? My beautiful little baby niece was born. Alexia Lidia. 8lbs, 15oz. Sigh. I love every tiny little pound of her.

Best of all? My sister was just a bit early which meant that I was able to fly home and spend an entire week with her before I had to return to start the school year. I was even fortunate enough to get here in time to snap photos of my sister's little family in the hospital. Giving gifts is one of my absolute favorite things and I am sure these photos will be among the best gifts I ever give to my sister. 

Do you see all that hair on tiny baby? Sigh.

Now that I am back in Chicago, I miss this little lady every minute of every day. I text and/or call Erin every couple hours to find out what my favorite baby is up to. Usually she's sleeping or eating or crying but I just have to know. When I'm lucky, Alexia and I facetime. Sometimes she doesn't know we're facetiming but I'm convinced that later in life she'll know me by my voice from all these phone calls. 

I feel so beyond fortunate to have been able to spend her first week with her. And to have been given free reign to snap bunches and bunches of pictures. I love that little baby girl and simply cannot wait to get to know her as she grows and changes and becomes whoever she is. I just adore her and can. not. wait. 
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