Here's to Celebrating.

Last year, Adrian declared 2013 the year of the Arvizus. Some monumental events occurred and 2013 filled my heart with more hope than 2012 would have ever thought possible. So since Adrian called it last year, I'm calling it this year: 2014 is the year of the Arvizus, part two. And because I love even numbers and because being hopeful seemed to work out last year, we're sticking with the theme of yes.

Adrian and I wrote out some detailed resolutions/goals together for 2014, but I wanted to write out a few quick "this is the direction I want to head in" thoughts for me and maybe even this blog. 2013 was a big year for responsibility and hard decisions and getting our health on track and all those adult things. And while those are great and we'll continue, I don't want to entirely toss out that little joys side of me. 

You know, the side that likes confetti. And bright colors. And mini champagne bottles.

So here's to celebrating and balloons and glitter everywhere and fresh flowers and being bold. To developing talents and following my loves. To enjoying time with my husband and my family and that tiny baby niece that I just adore. To making dreams happen. To traveling. To guarding Saturday mornings for coffee and thoughts. To going out with girlfriends.

And to continuing to make good, grown-up decisions. And celebrating those decisions with confetti, of course.

A mantle without a fireplace.

In the Christmas of my future dreams, there's a beautiful fireplace. It emits coziness, style and Christmas magic. Adrian and I sit in matching wingback chairs, sipping hot chocolate under the snuggliest of blankets. As we laugh at the whipped cream on Adrian's upper lip, someone happens to pop up with a camera and snaps a picture and we return each year to that photo and remember how happy we are.


In my current Christmas, we rent a small apartment that once had one of those little gas fireplaces. It gave me such intense headaches that we asked the landlord to remove it. So now we are without fireplace, but also without headaches. So there's that. 

I'd love to have that most perfect fireplace and mantle, with monogrammed stockings hanging perfectly in a row. But for now, we don't so we made do with what we have: a bookcase.

Sometimes, you make the best of what's around. 

So then, show me your mantle, won't you? Whether you have that quintessential Christmas mantle or you made the best of what's around, I'd love to see it! Leave a link in the comments, please?

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