Catching up with friends and laid-back portraits.

Second week of the new year and I'm already killing it on my resolutions. I've been taking bunches and bunches of photos. Best part? I used some Christmas money to buy some new photoshop actions and I am absolutely loving editing my photos with them. So thanks, Santa!

These pictures I actually took before the new year but since I edited them after New Year's Day, I feel like they count, right? 

While home, I drove down to visit one of my good friends from college. Carolyn is one of those wonderful friends where we might not talk all the time but when we see each other, we pick up where we left off. I've loved catching up with her and seeing her son again and meeting her newest little, her baby girl. I spent the day at their house and just loved seeing Carolyn as a mom. I admire so much her calm demeanor and how she talks to her children in the same tone and manner as she talked to me. And her son has this far-reaching vocabulary because of it. She and her husband (whom I also love!) clearly adore their children and it was a joy to see them interact as a family.

I asked if she wouldn't mind if I just snapped a couple pictures as we hung out. We played and talked and watched movies about trains and construction vehicles and I took a few pictures along the way. 

This last one is in color and black and white because I just couldn't chose. Such a peaceful little face.

So, best of all? Her little guy calls me Em-ly. Two syllables. And I love it.

I think I've decided on a new New Year's resolution: Get all these photos I've been taking into an album. As my grandmother always laments after seeing pictures on Facebook, she wants real photos she can hold in her hands. I think I do, too.

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