DIY: Printed Party Favor/Treat Bags

I am so excited to share this with you all today because I know you will want to try it out. And your life will be changed forever. Honestly.

You can buy glassine bags and run them through your printer.

It's true. I do it all the time. And it's amazing. 

I've made bags for all kinds of things. You might recognize them from Adrian's black and white birthday party a few years back. Or maybe from Erin's baby shower this past summer. I absolutely love how you can create a little graphic and then just print it right on to the bag.

Ok so how do we do this? It's fairly simple. 

  1. I create my image (I use Photoshop, but you can probably do it on picmonkey or other free programs) using the dimensions of my bag, which is roughly 4.5 inches by 6.75 inches so I set my canvas to that size. 
  2. When I finish my graphic, I click print and make sure my paper size is set to 4.5 x 6.75. Then I feed my bags through the printer. I've found it works best to feed them through one at a time to avoid jams. I should also point out that I have a top loading printer so I can't speak for other printers.
  3. I set them out to dry. 
  4. Once they've dried for the most part, I blow dry them on high heat. This seems to set the ink a bit more. 
  5. I admire my adorably themed bags.
You can pick up glassine bags at Michael's but since I knew I'd be doing a lot of projects with them, I bought about 1000 from Uline. Yes, 1000. And I have yet to regret that decision. (Also, they'll send you a sample if you'd like so you can try to run it through your printer before committing yourself to 1000.)

Since they are food-safe, you can use them for cookies, candies, brownies, goodies. Or fill them with confetti because why not. Then just seal them with a bit of washi tape and bam, cutest little bag ever.  

Now quick warning: If you are a perfection, as I am, this may not be the project for you. Inevitably there will be tiny ink smudges here and there. I've decided the overall effect is well worth the imperfections. And also, no one else ever notices. So shush that inner-perfectionist and enjoy your creations!

If you do this project, would you be so kind as to share a link? I'd love to see what you create!

For another Valentine idea, check out my DIY Cake Topper from a couple weeks back.

Note: Uline did not sponsor this post. They don't even know I wrote it, but I have genuinely been happy with their product and service so of course I'll share that info with you.


  1. Hi :) I'm in the process of trying to print on glassine bags (from ULINE!), ran across this post and was wondering what kind of printer you're using? I have an inkjet, and am fighting all kinds of smearing that makes the bags unusable. I know to expect some smudges, but my printer doesn't even print the whole image. Any words of wisdom you have will be helpful!

  2. Hello! Sorry for the delayed reply. I use an inkjet printer that feeds from the top. I bought it a couple of years ago for $20 so it's no fancy printer! I do have smearing from time to time so I try to make my designs fairly simple without heavy printing. I also send the bags through one at a time with a heavy postcard inside. I just started doing it with the postcard inside and that has made a big difference in terms of smearing as well as jamming. Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes for you!

  3. Hi! These bags are adorable!

    You mentioned that you use these bags for cookies, candies, etc. Based upon the dimensions you stated, would a 4X6 photo fit inside along with some confetti? I am wanting to create save the dates with one of our engagement photos inside. Also, I wonder if I should allow one of the major printing companies to just print them after I make them, such as Office Depot. They might dislike me after they are finished, but hey; saves me from buying ink. :) Any suggestions would be helpful!

  4. Thanks so much, Ebony! I ordered the bags from ULine and since I wasn't sure that they would be exactly what I wanted, they allowed me to order some samples. This would probably be good for you to do so you can be sure that they are the right size. You could also take your samples to Office Depot or wherever and have them do some trial printing.

    (These are the exact bags I ordered for your reference:

    Good luck and please do send me a link if you write about your project!

  5. Great idea, Emily! I made contact with ULine via their chat feature and they allowed me to order a few samples. Can't wait to take them to Office Depot for trial printing. I think they are going to be adorable! I will be sure to keep you updated! :)

  6. Oh good! I'm glad that worked out. Please do let me know how it goes!

  7. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing, xo.


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