For my mum, on her birthday!

Today is my mum's birthday!

There's so much I wish you all knew about my mum. That she finds Dane Cook hilarious, particularly when he talks about the Kool-Aid Man. Or how when she decides a phone call is over, she just says "Ok bye!" without much fanfare. Or that she only eats half of everything. Or that she loves a good doughnut, but only half of course. Or, best of all, how she's convinced anything and everything will catch fire and we'll all go down in flames.

Perhaps one of my favoritest parts of being in my twenties is getting to know my mom as a person rather just simply as my mom. When I'm no longer concerned about whether she'll drive me here or wash my jeans or tell my sister to stop it, I get to know these little pieces of her that just make her so Lyd. 

I went on vacation alone with my parents this year and it was magical. I spent a whole week with my mum, devoid of siblings begging for her attention, and we did all the things we love. Namely, sit by a pool, go to the beach, eat sweets, explore cute towns and bother my dad. 

Each time I go home, my mum and I go to this little cafe in town. Really, the only cafe in town. We sit and drink coffee and chat and I love it. This last time, we also went to my mum's favorite new doughnut shop because no one else in the family appreciates it nearly enough. 

The more I get to know my mum, the more convinced I am that at age five, I had it right. We ought to throw everybody out of the house and just live together. My dad has always said we'd be very happy together and I have no doubt that we will. Just as long as I'm not responsible for Harriet, my mum's puppy. 

So with that, I wish you a very happy birthday, Lydiebell! Here's to hoping that in the next couple years, you get everything you ever hoped for: A half a decent doughnut and you and me back under one roof. That is all you ever wanted, right??

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  1. Thanks Em . Half of a good donut sounds wonderful. When I am old and senile, you might reconsider living with me forever!


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