Weekend Reads: Goodbye January!

I'm hoping these flowers somehow usher in Spring. Goodbye arctic January!
Friends, I am so looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I'm headed out to dinner with a friend, tomorrow I'll be snowed in and working on projects and Sunday Adrian has off and will be cooking for a superbowl party with friends.

Yesterday was such an off day. The whole day I felt ten paces behind and just generally down. This month has been such an odd month and I think this extreme weather is taking a toll. My flights back from Christmas got cancelled and we've had four days of school cancelled due to the intensely cold temperatures. In all of that, January left me feeling like I was in a fog and could never quite catch my footing. Anyone else feeling that way?

Here's to hoping that February allows me to settle back into my routine! 

To start February off right, here are some reads I enjoyed this week:
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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