Around the House: His & Hers Mugs

Hers & His, obviously
When Adrian and I had been dating awhile and I began thinking about getting married someday, I thought sometimes that Adrian was not much like who I had imagined I'd marry. I'd figured I'd marry someone calm and bookish and maybe even a little boring. Someone who loved to read and listened to Ray Lamontagne, like me. 

When Adrian first heard a Ray Lamontagne song, he asked me why Ray was crying. And I thought, you know it does sound like that, doesn't it?

On our very first date, he took me to Hard Rock Cafe. Having grown up in Mexico and loving American rock music, he thought that that was the place to go. He figured I'd love it. I hated it. I went home that night and told my roommate I didn't think I could ever date him.

Adrian has a little fauxhawk and wants a motorcycle and a tattoo. I enjoy the finer things in life, namely heart doughnuts and confetti and flats in every color. I thought for sure this could not work out.

We laugh about that first date. He says if he had known then what he knows now, he would have taken me to a quiet little coffee shop and saved himself about $75. 

But I like that he's so different than me. And I like that he's nothing like the man I'd imagined I'd marry because what did I know then anyways. I like that I am continually surprised. This man that wears a skull ring and has an earring is the same man who puts my boots next to the heater every morning so that they're warm when I leave for work. And he's the same man who doesn't mind spending a couple hours making tiny heart piƱatas. And he's the same man who has taken a liking to pink button downs and pink skull socks. I love that he's this odd blend of Mexican and American and rocker and preppy and intimidating and adorable and probably intimidatingly adorable. And I love that he'll watch Sons of Anarchy and then Gossip Girl without giving it a second thought.

So when I come across a brass knuckle coffee mug, you better believe I snag that for my husband because while I love a set of adorably matching city mugs, I love my husband in all his uniqueness even more.

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