#Bdaybus: A birthday party on a school bus

One of my closest friends, Haley, turned 30 a few weeks ago. Haley has this amazing and magnetic spirit to her and when she gets an idea, you can't help but believe it will work out because it's Haley and why not? So when she told me she wanted to rent a school bus for her birthday party to pick up as many of her friends as would fit, I thought "yes, of course. A school bus." And rent a school bus, she did.

(Some parts blurred out for privacy purposes)

Haley asked if I'd be willing to make some invitations for her party. So I got super excited and made invitations, itineraries, signs and goodie bags. Once I had created a little logo for her birthday, I couldn't stop. The bags and itineraries were placed on the bus seats so that when friends boarded the bus, they were greeted with all the necessary info and some childhood snack favorites. Fruit by the foot and Little Debbie oatmeal cakes, anyone?

Haley's friends from all over the Midwest met at her apartment in the city and chatted, mingled and met new friends. In attendance were some friends from high school, college, church, Mission Year, and her work. To have all these friends in one place is a true testament to the time and effort Haley continually puts in to maintaining her friendships.

Once the bus arrived, a few of us got to work decorating. We taped up balloons and streamers and signs and made that bus look less like a bus and more like a moving party. I have to apologize for the awful quality pictures. They came as an afterthought. Womp womp.

The night went amazingly well. We made a bunch of stops through out the city and had such a great time rolling around the city in the bus. Knowing that Haley is incredibly competitive, we gifted her six trophies to be passed out throughout the night for whatever she deemed trophy-worthy. On the bus, at the various stops and at the bar, Haley awarded trophies for dance moves in the freezing cold and false eyelash application while on a moving bus, among other spectacular feats. Her friend from high school kept the party going on the bus by DJing for us. Once we got to the bar, the DJ there was playing 90s favorites and Haley had arranged for pizza to be delivered to the bar and for the bartenders to offer fuzzy navels for $5 to her party goers. At the bar, there were separate areas so everyone could find a place they felt comfortable, from Jenga to dancing to beer pong. 

Suffice it to say, on the bus ride home, we were happy but exhausted. Julio, our awesome bus driver, dimmed the lights, played some Mumford & Sons and we enjoyed the ride back to Haley's.

Honestly, who would have thought you could just rent a school bus for a birthday party? I'm so glad Haley thought of this. It was such a great evening and a chance to celebrate this wonderfully vibrant girl.  


  1. NO JOKE my friend's boyfriend in high school drove a school bus. Like, that was his car. I have no idea how he got it but it was awesome.

  2. Hahahaha. But how?! And where do you park that thing??

  3. Love it! every bit of it! So Haley too. Great job you! :)

  4. UM. I want to be frigging invited to a party on a bus! How cool is that!!



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