The confidence to stand on chairs.

I love the artistry that goes into making photos. I love walking around the house and imagining how things I already own could fit together to create this perfect little vignette. And then I love pretending that I'm shooting this in a small perfectly lit studio instead of in my living room with my curtains drawn, leaving my neighbors to inevitably ponder what exactly is that odd white girl doing today.

Because when others see my photo, they don't think of me climbing on my step stool or draping white wrapping paper over a chair or asking a friend to hold a reflector or Adrian cutting little confettis. All they see is this one tiny moment that we created. And none of the longer moments that went into making it.

For me, that moment signifies being bold. Having the courage and the confidence to say that yes I can make the visions in my mind come to life in front of me. It means taking chances and probably making mistakes. It's putting myself out there in a way I'm not always comfortable with. And it's asking others to have confidence in me and my ideas as well. Even when they have no proof that it will work. 

It's this dream I had years ago when I first started blogging. 

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in blogging culture. In the pins and the stats and the "is anyone even out there?" that I forget that three years ago, I had none of this. I had a point and shoot camera that never did what I wanted it to. I had jumbled thoughts and fleeting plans. And I never took out my camera in front of people for fear of drawing attention to myself.

So even if no one is out there, this blog has given me a place to experiment and write and plan and dream and grow and learn and find out who I am. It's given me the motivation to find a camera I love and to learn how to use it well enough to create images just how I saw them when I first envisioned them. It's given me the confidence to stand on chairs and desks and step stools, even when the neighbors can see. And it's encouraged me to go out there and make things happen.

And I do want to say thank you especially to my dad, my mum, my sister and Adrian for reading these posts, even the mediocre ones. Especially the mediocre ones. And for all of the ways they have helped me create images.

Here's a year of being bold. Cheers!


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  2. I'm here! And I love you and your creativity. You are beautiful and you create such beautiful images and sentences and ideas. Here's to standing on chairs. Xoxo.



  3. Aw, I enjoyed this post so much! You do a great job with your photos. I always think your blog--the design and photos--is so pretty and relaxing. (And I totally get going through a crazy creative process and wondering if anyone is even out there--but it still totally being worth it.)

  4. Love it Em!!!!! Love the pics and the blog!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. CHEERS TO BEING BOLD! I love the idea that you get as much out of blogging as you put into it - that's what being brave is all about, isn't it? Standing on chairs is totally worth it :)

  6. Thanks so much! I do love the community and the interactions, of course, but I also loooooove how blogging has pushed me and ignited my passion for hobbies and writing and everything! I cannot wait for your return!


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