Oh Hello Family Photos: Portland, Maine Photography

I have been so tired this week. Each night around 9pm, I struggle to keep my eyes open. I think it's that transition from vacation to work. Sigh. Here's to hoping for more energy next week!

So I spent all of last week back home in Maine with my family and it was wonderful. It had been four months since I had seen my niece, who is only eight months old. It is heartbreaking to realize I've missed half her life. But we got in as many snuggles as we could while we were together! When she woke up crying in the night, my sister and I were both thrilled that I got up and held Alexia until she fell back asleep. 

Each day that I stay at my sister's house, I tell my brother-in-law that it will be like I'm not even there. Which is never true because I follow them around snapping pictures at every moment. Luckily, he usually likes the pictures  so it makes me so happy to be able to pay him back a bit for his hospitality.

This vacation, Danilo agreed to go out into downtown Portland to take some family pictures. I am in love with how they turned out and I think Erin, Danilo and Alexia are all pretty pleased with them, too. Alexia doesn't say much, but I know she's loving these photos.

I love this little family and am so glad to be a part of them. It has been so exciting to see Alexia growing and changing and to see my sister and brother-in-law as parents.

Annnnnnd I might be biased but my niece is hands-down the cutest. Ever.


  1. Great pictures!!! As always!!!

  2. Aw such sweet pictures : ) I have a new little nephew (3 mons) so I can relate to this post a lot


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