A Backyard Picnic Party

A couple months ago, my good friend Meredith asked if I'd be up for helping plan her birthday party again this year, since we had such a good time planning her party last year! So of course I said yes. Meredith was hoping for a backyard picnic party and I was so excited to get planning.

It would appear our landlord was equally excited for this party because a few weeks before, he put up that lovely fence and repainted the back of the garage to match. I am so excited to have a backyard with a bit of privacy and it looks amazing! Points for a great landlord. 

I also have to mention that orange striped blanket. My mum picked it up for me as an Easter gift because she knew we were having this picnic party. And it just happened to be the exact colors we had chosen for the party. So thanks, Lydiebell!

I love how it came together. Meredith's mum, Edie, came into town for the weekend and she is absolutely wonderful. She and Meredith came to the house the afternoon of the party and worked alongside Adrian and myself as we got everything ready for the party. I love when I get to spend time with Edie. She is such a joy and so talented. She has a great eye for design and helped us make a bunch of gametime decisions.

In the second photo below, I printed out some glassine bags and filled each with a napkin, straw and utensils. I decided the bags in Photoshop and printed them at home on my printer. For further instructions on how to print your own, check out this post on DIY printed bags.

Meredith wanted to show a movie during the party so she thought to include a popcorn bar for movie-snacking! Such a great idea, right? We had planned to use our projector once the sun set, but we forgot about the motion-sensor lights that can't be turned off. Yelling "nobody move for the next two hours!" didn't work out so we ended up bringing out the TV at the last minute. As much as I think I have every detail covered, something always comes up and I learn to just roll with it. We made it work in the end and everyone enjoyed it so let's chalk that up as a win, no?

Lastly, we got the idea from Pinterest to offer pre-mixed drinks in jars. I love this idea and plan to do this all throughout the summer. Generally, Adrian ends up playing bartender at parties and while he enjoys mixing drinks, it's nice to not have duties during a party. With drinks set out in jars, anyone can grab one when they'd like and Adrian gets to just sit back and enjoy the company. Win-win. 

All-in-all, I loved this party. It was such a relaxing night of hanging out with friends and enjoying the beginnings of summer in the city. I loved seeing the picnic blankets fill up with friends, laughing and celebrating Meredith's birthday. Best moment? When the sun started to set and the strings of lights set that quintessential backyard summertime mood. 

This backyard picnic party just might have to become an annual event.


  1. Super cute party! So fun for the eyes, too :)

  2. oh my GOODNESS this looks like such a fun celebration! you are a wonderful friend - lucky Meredith :)

    party planning question: do you think it's easier to do pre-mixed individual jars of drinks or to do pitchers? I guess it would sort of be dictated by what supplies you have... but the mason jars DO look super cute with the fabric on top!

  3. What a gorgeous party! Every single detail looks perfect--but you're right that something unplanned always comes up and you've got to be flexible. I love the idea of a picnic birthday party...my birthday is on a Sunday this year so that would be a wonderful idea for a relaxed garden party. Love the new blog look, btw!

  4. Betsy! I don't know how I missed this! So sorry. I think I like the jars better because they're not open at the top which means no bugs! I suppose if you had closed pitchers that would work, too. But the fabric is super cute and you don't have to have cups if you have jars...

  5. Thanks, Alicia! This would be perfect for a Sunday party. It was super relaxed and people just came and went as they pleased. I like to go all out because I like to plan parties but this could easily be toned down and made very stress-free. I'd love to see what you end up doing for your birthday!

  6. hello adorable backyard party!! I am a huge fan!

  7. Thank you! It was wonderful!


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