A promise to spend more time in the quiet stillness.

Last year for Christmas, Adrian gifted me the best gift ever. He redid our tiny guest room to turn it into a guest room/office combo. He painted two of the walls bright pink, bought me a beautiful white desks and hung white shelves. I love this room. It has these custom pencils I ordered, remnants of past projects and this gallery wall that is a mix of printables I've created and art I love. It is this little space that feels like me.

But truthfully, I haven't spent much time in there.

When Adrian transformed this space, I had envisioned spending evenings in there, typing away happily and creating content for this blog. I imagined feeling inspired and creative and having endless ideas. Truthfully, I think I was looking for something on the outside to spark something on the inside. I thought if I had the right environment, inspiration would strike and the ideas would flow easily.  I thought that just by walking into the room, ideas would come. Clearly, that did not happen.

I'm sitting in my guest room/office now and I still don't have tons of ideas, but I am here. I think we all have these stories to tell and sometimes they come quickly and sometimes they form slowly over time. But they never come if I don't take the time to actually sit still and write them. No amount of pink paint is going to change that writing and creativity take time. And peace and quiet.

As winter approaches, I'm making a promise to myself to spend more time in this room, knowing that stories don't come from the right frame on the wall or the perfect rug, but from a quiet, stillness within me.  And that if I take that time to sit and think and wonder and reflect and stare off into the distance, ideas and stories and projects will come. 

Though notepads and notebooks that match my wall decor certainly can't hurt, right?

P.S. One day when I find some decent lighting, I'll include some photos of my little office because I absolutely love it. If you lived here and you came over, it's the first room I'd want you to see.

And also, the notebook and notepad were gifts from my sister along with the most perfect "Paris is always a good idea" print for my gallery wall. She gets me.

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  1. Absolutely true thoughts on creativity, Emily. I find it very hard to actually sit still and write. Or maybe more importantly, carve out quiet to think so that I have words to write. Also... can't wait to see pics of the office! :)


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