Maine Photography: Baby Petra (revisited)

A few weeks back while I was home over Christmas break, I got a chance to catch up with Baby Petra and her wonderful parents. I had first met her over the summer just weeks after she was born. I loved seeing her again and marveling at how much she had grown and changed in the short months between our visits!

While I don't intend to make photography anything more than a hobby, I absolutely love being able to gift people these photos to remind them of this time in their lives. I love looking back through photos and remembering how life was then and I love to be able to provide that for others.  I wrote about this idea a few posts back so I won't bother to rewrite it, but suffice it to say, I do love photos.

This family is adorable. They are so laid back and just enjoy each other so much. Honestly, that photo of them in front of the tree may be the most perfect family Christmas photo ever. Baby Petra's smile in that photo just kills me. She is the sweetest little lady.

Thank you so much to Emily for inviting me to come take photos of her beautiful family!

Special and loved and worthy of a bow.

I love giving gifts. I love spending time thinking and researching and listening and making little notes about what I might give you. All through the year, I'm making these mental notes. When I hear you say, "I need a kitchen scale," I file it away and then I go research. And on Christmas morning, I love to see your face as you open that gift that I knew you wanted. 

I like to make people feel special. I'm not always the best at telling people how much I value them so I do it by finding them something that makes them feel good or that shows them that I know them well and that I'm paying attention. 

Because I fly home for Christmas, I almost always end up wrapping my gifts on Christmas eve. Checked bags cannot contain wrapped gifts so I wrap them upon arrival. This year, I went home a few days earlier. I decided the outsides of my gifts would be just as lovely as the contents. So I learned to tie a bow and bought some decent wrapping paper.

Adrian was a nay-sayer. He thought it wouldn't be worth it because who cares about the outside. "It will be worth," I said. "Here, watch this youtube video and help me figure out how to tie a decent bow." Adrian says I can be a bit bossy at times, but he almost always goes along with my ideas.

Oh, but it was so worth it. My grandmother was impressed. My sister complained about how much tape I used, but I know secretly she loved the bow. She even tied a few bows on the gifts she bought.

From here on out, I vow to (almost) always wrap my gifts with bows because I want you to feel special and loved and worthy of a bow because you are.

2015 Free Printable Bachelor Bracket

Hi all! I've been gone for a while but you had to know I'd be back with a printable bachelor bracket!

So let's jump right into this. Here is your free printable bachelor bracket for January 2015 with Chris Soules! The producers are obviously trying to make this difficult for me, so I should warn you that flexibility might be key this season. There's a good chance that the numbers for each column could be off. Buuuuuut, I don't want to google it and spoil the season for myself since I like to play along. So we're just gonna roll with it.

I've filled in the first column for you since my friends and I like to fill out our bracket before the second episode. It's just too hard to make your picks before you've even seen the contestants on the show.

You can download your printable Bachelor bracket here!

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