Maine Photography: Baby Petra (revisited)

A few weeks back while I was home over Christmas break, I got a chance to catch up with Baby Petra and her wonderful parents. I had first met her over the summer just weeks after she was born. I loved seeing her again and marveling at how much she had grown and changed in the short months between our visits!

While I don't intend to make photography anything more than a hobby, I absolutely love being able to gift people these photos to remind them of this time in their lives. I love looking back through photos and remembering how life was then and I love to be able to provide that for others.  I wrote about this idea a few posts back so I won't bother to rewrite it, but suffice it to say, I do love photos.

This family is adorable. They are so laid back and just enjoy each other so much. Honestly, that photo of them in front of the tree may be the most perfect family Christmas photo ever. Baby Petra's smile in that photo just kills me. She is the sweetest little lady.

Thank you so much to Emily for inviting me to come take photos of her beautiful family!

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