Parks and Recreation Inspired Galentine's Day Brunch Invitation

Parks and Recreation Inspired Galentine's Day Brunch Invitation- Black, White, Gold, Pink Modern

I am so excited for this party. So. So. Excited. So excited, in fact, that I am posting this invitation well before the actual party.

Two of my friends asked a few weeks ago if I'd want to help them plan a Galentine's Day brunch. If you haven't heard of Galentine's Day, click on over to this clip from Parks & Recreation. Then you might as well watch the whole episode (Season 2, Episode 16).

For the invitation, I wanted to make it bold, bright and modern with touches of Leslie Knope throughout. One of my favorite things about Parks and Recreation is how committed Leslie is to her friends and how she encourages them. Sometimes her compliments sound a bit odd, but they are always heartfelt. So we used a few of our favorites:
"You beautiful, rule-breaking moth!"
"You poetic and noble landmermaid!"
and "You beautiful tropical fish!" 
From there, we added the important information (I've erased the location from the photographed invite above) and made some final decisions on the design. Once the invites were set, I got started on the envelopes. I sent them through my printer and printed each invitee's name and address. The liners were cut on my cricut but they were created using some wrapping paper I had left over from Christmas, which you may remember from this post. I glued in the liners after I printed the addresses so that the envelopes wouldn't be too thick to pass through the printer.

We are currently in pre-Galentine's Day planning mode. In the spirit of Leslie Knope, we've done some crafting and gift-making. We've also discovered the soundtrack to our brunch, the "Celebrating Ladies with Leslie Knope" station on Songza. 

I feel so lucky to have made some true friends here in Chicago and I am super excited to celebrate them. I will post more details of the brunch in a few weeks!

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