DIY: Fabulous Faux Flower Headbands

One of my favorite things that came out of planning last years' Galentines' Day party was these fabulously oversized faux flower headbands! We initially spotted them on pinned from the A Beautiful Mess Blog. We loved the idea of using large blooms and making them statement pieces for our photobooth. So we quickly got to work!

We picked up all our flowers when they were on sale at Michaels. We grabbed lots of different colors and tried to balance out the large statement blooms with smaller filler flowers. 

Once we got home, we sorted through the flowers and started imagining the headbands. On a few headbands, we started by gluing down a piece of the black and white ribbon we had picked up. From there, using a hot glue gun, we easily glued the blooms to the headbands.

From the beginning, my friend Ashleigh had decided she wanted to do a leaf-based headband. At Michaels, she found this fabulous faux lily pad. I absolutely love how she created hers.  I would have never thought of it! 

Honestly, how awesome is that lily pad headband?!

In the end, these floral headbands were super easy and so, so good for the photobooth! They were easy enough that it might even be fun to make these as part of your Galentines' Day party!

Be sure to let me know if you make some to share with your favorite galentines!

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