Writing My Story.

Hi, I'm Emily and every day, I'm writing the story of my life. With my choices, with my actions, with my words, with my dreams, I'm writing each page. Sometimes it's a story of deep joy and confetti and champagne. Other times, it's a story of failing and trying again. 

Oh Hello, Love is a collections of my stories and my photos. Some are painstakingly created and some flow easily. Some are upbeat and festive and some detail the plot twists and obstacles that make those bright moments brighter.

So who I am and why is my story important? I'm a writer, photographer, teacher, list-maker, worrier, dreamer, bicultural, bilingual New England girl, transplanted to Chicago. My story is important because each of our stories is. Yours, mine. And that random stranger on your morning commute's, too.

I believe in authenticity and imperfections. And in messy desks and far too many lists. I believe in always having a notebook and pen (preferably pink and gold) within arm's reach. I believe in heart-shaped doughnuts and drinking coffee from my favorite mug on the weekends. I believe that life can be difficult and that we all have mountains to climb and that we should share those mountains, rather than pretend they're not there. Because when I tell you about my struggles, my obstacles, you start to feel like maybe it's safe to share yours. And then we walk away knowing one another better.

I believe in acknowledging the difficulties so that sharing the victories is that much sweeter. And I do believe in celebrating victories. Usually with champagne, large confetti, and balloons.

And I believe in becoming the hero of your own story. Of putting your head down, squaring your shoulders and pressing forward, knowing that with each step, you are writing that great story.

I hope that you'll find here authentic stories that you connect with. I hope you feel at home. But most of all, I hope that you'll leave wanting to share your story, with all its twists and turns. And I hope you'll leave a link so I can follow along.

So, get out there and write your story. And then come back and tell me about it, won't you?

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